Procurement opportunities

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Both the Lottery and its Private Manager provide opportunities to do business in support of the Illinois Lottery.

Lottery Procurement Award Information

Pursuant to 30 ILCS 500/15-25(b) and 30 ILCS 500/15-25(b-5) the apparent low bidder’s award and all other bids from bidders responding to Illinois Lottery solicitations and notice of each and every contract that is awarded, including renegotiated contracts and change orders, to responsible bidders or offerers to Illinois Lottery solicitations are available for viewing on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin website. Please word search for the term “Lottery” to view Illinois Lottery-specific solicitations.

Camelot Illinois Procurement Opportunities

Camelot Illinois is a leading technology and services provider to lotteries around the world. In order to support Camelot Illinois' growth plans a call center is required to serve Lottery Players, Potential Players and the Public. The Call Center agents will be required to support players who use the Illinois Lottery website and will be able to resolve both technical and operational issues. Through this RFP, Camelot Illinois seeks to identify a vendor to submit a proposal for the supply of Call Center Services to Camelot Illinois.

For the convenience of Camelot Illinois LLC, the State of Illinois Department of the Lottery is publishing Camelot Illinois’ attached Request for Proposal. This is not an RFP of the State of Illinois and inquiries should be addressed to Antoinette Davis,