One Day In Illinois: 100 Camelot Employees Mobilized to Visit 1,000 Retailers

More than 100 Camelot Illinois employees traveled across the State of Illinois to visit 1,000 retailers in one day, including stops in Springfield, Peoria, Rockford and Chicago.

The endeavor became known as ‘One Day in Illinois’ was spearheaded by Camelot’s Vice President of Retail, Keary Fath, as a way to personally thank Illinois Lottery retailers for their hard work and support in selling Lottery products.

According to Fath, “Our business is 98 percent retail. Our goal was to show our retailers how much we appreciate them while also increasing our own team’s understanding and knowledge of retail operations,” he said. “It was a great team-building event to mobilize our staff to get out there and engage with our retailers on a one-on-one basis.”